【48小时摇滚聚会】2018刺猬广深巡演 深圳站

130 - 150

  • 摇滚
  • 01月13日 20:30-22:00
  • 深圳 B10现场





An invitation to a 48-hour Rock Party


First to announce a message proudly, The HedgeHog Band, who has no tour for three years, will hold a party for young people in Guangzhou and Shenzhen in January 2018. Using their sincere and direct voice attracts the two places.

“2005年10月由3个热爱摇滚乐的年轻人成立,歌声真诚、悦耳、醒目。现场猛、扎、碎。硬汉的“噩”梦,少男的“春”天,知青的“醉”爱。摇滚乐是一面镜子,让你找到自己,看清自己,打开自己。 ”

In October 2005, the band was founded by 3 young men who loved rock and roll, with sincere, pleasant and striking singing. The scene is fiercely, lashed and broken, including unyielding man’s bad dreams, the spring for youth man, and the favorite love of school graduates.  Rock and Roll is a mirror for you to find yourself, to see through yourself, and to release yourself.

由一个北京大男孩,一个永远十八岁的可爱女鼓手,一个低调高颜值的bass手组成的三人乐队,刺猬乐队的风格包含了Indie Rock(独立摇滚)/Psychedelic Rock(迷幻摇滚)/Noise Pop(噪音流行),距离05年成军,至今已12年载。

The three-person band is made up of a Beijing boy, an always  eighteen - year-old lovely drummer, and a handsome but low lay bass. The style of HedgeHog Band, which contains Indie rock, Psychedelic Rock and Noise Pop, has formed for 12 years since  2005.


All  the youth, who feel lost, overwhelming joyful, angry, thinking, understanding and unapprehended seem to be able to find a bright one through HedgeHog’s songs. It is the sincerity and unique music style of the melody in their songs, as well as the strong personal of the lead singer-ZO, mixed with Atom's female chorus that lead the Hedgehog become very distinctive in Chinese rock band. The simplest three pieces---a guitar, a bass and a rack drum, allow the Hedgehog's music to be straightforward and melodic. The temperament is melancholy and manic, but fulls of  purity and loveliness.


While mentioning the Hedgehog, the sentence"forever young, forever weeping " will always haunt in our minds. HedgeHog’s attitude to youth, such as Golden age, infinite sadness,  Shc Burn in the Sky, and a series of youth proposition, represents the resonance and sound of many young people. The Hedgehog is indeed a band that can represent a lot of people’s youth. It is said that the fans of Hedgehog are all very simple and lovely person. Just like these three young people in the band, they seem to be decadent to show off their cynicism, but in fact, the most authentic things  in their hearts are very kind, beautiful and pure.


Actually "Honeyed And Killing" can very well summarize the Hedgehog Band---fierce, pricked, broken, honeyed. They choose a simple and honeyed way to vent the love and hatred of the world. ZO once said that the most important thing about music was sincere. Perhaps because of the sincerity of treating rock and roll, Hedgehog can remain young and weeping forever .

刺猬一直都在突破自我,尝试新的音乐风格。从06年《Happy Idle kid》的Grungle,07年《噪音袭击地球》的迷躁,到08年《白日梦蓝》的清新流行;12年《Sun Fun Gun》的punk,Lo-fi,到14年《幻想波普星》的dream pop,十多年来,刺猬一直是多面的、立体的、勇于尝试的。在某次访问中,子健说道“专场办多了没有新东西我们会觉得对不起听众,所以专场不多,拼盘会有些,但是发了新作品就会巡演,各地演专场,毕竟已经过了疯狂演出让大家知道有刺猬这么个乐队的阶段了。”

The Hedgehog had been trying to break through themself and try a new musical style, from the Grungle of Happy Idle kid in 06s, the Psychedelic noise of Noise Hit World in 07s, to the  fresh pop of  Blue Day Dreaming in 08s, from the punk and Lo-fi Sun Fun Gun in 12s , to the dream pop of  Phantom Pop Star in 14s. In more than 10 years, Hedgehog has been mult-faceted, three-dimensional and courageous. In an interview, ZO said: "If we hold more and more special performance,  there will be no more new things and we will do feel sorry for the audience. So w have not so much special performance but some combination platter. But if  we publish the new album, we will tour around the play session. After all, we  have gone through the stage through the crazy show to let everyone know there is such a band named Hedgehog.

诚然就像网上评论所说的刺猬是国内乐队少见的高产乐队之一,十二年来,八张专辑,一张DEMO,几乎保持大概一两年一张专辑的数量水平,而新专辑也即将在2018年推行,新专辑由:李青老师担任制作人,李维思老师作为“家属”也参与其中,二李不仅是Snapline现任成员,还都是Carsick Cars的原班成员。而Carsick Cars的主唱张守望对此新专辑更有高度评价:“今天听刺猬新专辑的录音,好猛啊,天啊,石璐也太猛了!这可能是刺猬最grunge的一张,有的听上去都有点金属了。”不禁令人期待。给大家来一个不负责任的剧透,这次的广深专场,刺猬将带来新专辑中的两首歌曲!除了新歌之外,这次专场刺猬当然也会带来许多以往各专辑中的经典歌曲。

It's true that the hedgehog is one of the rare and high-yield bands in the domestic band. For twelve years, they have published eight albums, a DEMO. They almost kept publishing an album for about one or two years. And the new album will be released in 2018. The producers of this new album is Li Qing , and Li Weisi takes part in as " family member ". Li Qing and Li Weisi are member of the Snapline now, their original class  is Carsick Cars.

And Carsick Cars's lead singer Zhang Shouwang is highly appraised for the new album."Listen to the new album recording of the Hedgehog today. It's so fierce, God, Atom is too fierce! This may be the most grunge of the Hedgehog’ album. And the music sounds like a little bit of metal.” I can't help looking forward to it.  Left us a irresponsible spoiler, in the Guangzhou and Shenzhen special performance, the Hedgehog will bring two songs of new album! In addition to the new songs, this special performance will certainly bring many classic songs from the previous album.

48 hour rock party sincerely  invites and looks forward to meeting you!


1. 本场演出一旦票品售出概不退换(因不可抗力因素导致演出取消延期、艺人场地更换除外),如遇演出取消延期、艺人场地更换,请致电秀动网客服申请退款:0106468657610:00—19:00,购票款将在五个工作日内原路返回,购票用户无权主张购票款以外的其他权益;