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Round 2 Club Chinese New Year’s Eve /Chu Xi除夕 

2018.02.15 Thu



Johnny Z

Hedi Guo

00:00 till late


狗年除夕之夜,天津城underground跳舞音乐“庇护所”—-Round 2 Club零点时分准时开门迎接宾朋!三位津城最具人气的混音高手备足曲目,DISCO/HOUSE/DEEP/TECH各类热烈激荡之GROOVE伴您狂欢至清晨。



Johnny Z 

     生于天津,15岁始学习古典吉他,两年后转为BASS,并迅速组建乐队;02年音乐学院继续学习BASS专业,其间接触到电子音乐,并步入DJ生涯。风格大致为:Disco/huose/Chicago/Tech/soul&Jazz 。 2006年开始使用软件制作音乐,并尝试用电子音乐表达自己的情绪, 其中一曲Chill out作品, 入选2006年Heineken啤酒广告音乐。2007年Johnny组建电音PARTY团队“kemukujara/毛”,并于2011年11月为北京新法国使馆纪录片独立创作音乐。 

Johnny-Z was born in Tianjin. At 15 years old he started learning classical guitar, two years later he converted to BASS, and quickly formed his own band; after 20 years of music he still continues to learn BASS professionally, during exposure to electronic music, and through the beginning of his DJ career.His music style is roughly: Disco, House, Chicago-house, Tech-house, soul&Jazz. In 2006 Johnny decided to study the use of music production software, and began experimenting with electronic music to express the bands emotions, including a Chill out style of the works, selected 06 years Heineken beer ad music.  In 2007, Johnny set up audio PARTY team "kemukujara ", and in November of 2011 he preformed for the new Beijing Independent Music Documentary France embassy.


如今,在与众多中外电子音乐人合作及演出之经历,使Johnnyz慢慢成为京津两地电子音乐活动图景中,不可缺少的标志性人物之一;知名度与感召力也随之日升月异。参加演出包括: 摩登天空音乐节,航空母舰音乐派对,沙滩音乐节,长城音乐节等。

Nowadays, multiple shows, many Chinese and foreign electronic music collaborations and performance experiences are slowly making Johnny-Z  become Beijing and Tianjin's electronic music picture, an iconic figure of visibility and influence; also or changing. Events he performed for include: Modern Sky Festival, aircraft carrier music party, beach music festival, the the Great Wall music festival.



As a forward steer between Beijing and Tianjin.Vast DJ experiences make him comprehend dance floor well quickly.Control the dance floor with his stylish House/Techno music.Paint the color of dance floor with plump and delicate figures. 

从业十余载,始终坚持DJ播放的内容是其内心情感的另一种投射.良好的口碑与其鲜明的个人识别度使他长期活跃在业内,从注重腔调的Lounge Bar到态度坚持的Underground Club再到千人共舞的Music Festival都留下了Youga身影.

Being a DJ over a decade,believe in DJ is what he is play.The excellent public praise and sharp recognition makes him keep activity.His figure exist lots of Lounge Bar Underground Club and Music Festival.

Hedi Guo 

有着15年dj从业经历的HEDI,17岁便步入职业DJ生涯,后成为新加坡Wadam Wong's Club驻场DJ,并迅速成为东南亚极具代表性的DJ而备受瞩目;2011年,HEDI只身前往New York研习音乐,创立自己的音乐厂牌之同时,在Manhattan/ Brooklyn地区成功举办多场电子乐派对;呈现了他在 Deep /  Tech / Progressive / Triblel等舞曲方向上的独特造诣。

Started his early DJ career from 17 years old, within only 3 years in Singapore, Hedi was outstanding enough to be invited as resident DJ at the celebrated Wadam Wong’s club.
The rich experience makes him a real jockey of discs who gasps the balance between the looseness and tightness of music. Both body and soul of the audience are always got lost in the control of his music impacts. In no time Hedi becomes the most representative DJ in Singapore. However the deep love to hometown brought him back with this soul touching music. 

In 2011, Hedi moved to New York for a music production degree. Driven by his fanaticism to electronic music, Hedi created his own music label and launched several big electronic music parties in the area of Manhattan and Brooklyn which successfully demonstrated his talent for Deep House, Tech House and Techno, Minimal Music. 


2016,HEDI毅然决定回国拓展音乐事业,创建Round2 Club。作为天津城唯一的Underground-disco场地决策者,HEDI不惜成本全力推广与传播地下跳舞音乐文化—每个周末邀请来自世界各地的顶尖DJ做客ROUND2 CLUB,将更多星光与狂欢奉献舞池!只因他要让更多人感受到电子音乐的魅力并融入其中。 

In 2016, this musical chameleon built his own brand Round2 Club. Applying his 15 years DJing experience, Hedi insists to promote the underground music culture as the leader of the first underground music venue in Tianjin. Every weekend the club receives famous international DJs from all around the world to move the local audience dance and blend them in this charming electronic music. 


Round 2 Club Spring Festival Party : 

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