法国前卫金属核神团KADINJA新专辑巡演 杭州站

120 - 160

  • 金属
  • 02月28日 20:30-22:00
  • 杭州 杭州 MAO Livehouse




演出艺人:KADINJA,瘟疫之骇Horror Of Pestilence

演出场地:杭州 MAO Livehouse



2月16日 上海 育音堂

2月17日 南京 欧拉艺术空间

2月19日 北京 乐空间

2月20日 武汉 VOX*

2月21日 重庆 坚果*

2月22日 成都 小酒馆空间 万象城店*


2月24日 广州 SD*

2月26日 深圳 B10现场*

2月27日 厦门 REAL LIVE

2月28日 杭州 MAO




主唱:Philippe Charny

吉他:Pierre Danel

吉他:Quentin Godet

贝斯:Steve Treguier

鼓手:Morgan Berthet

法国前卫金属核神团Kadinja于2013年在法国巴黎成军,乐队名字来自前南斯拉夫(现塞尔维亚)著名的Kadinjaca纪念碑。目前成员包括主唱Philippe Charny、吉他手Pierre Danel、吉他手Quentin Godet、贝斯手Steve Treguier和鼓手Morgan Berthet。

2013年12月,Kadinja发表了首张同名EP《Kadinja》,唱片封面上就是乐队名字的由来——前南Kadinjaca纪念碑。这张唱片的问世几乎惊艳了整个欧洲乃至全球的前卫金属核领域,著名重型音乐网站METAL INJECTION把这张唱片誉为“近十年来最让人震撼的处子作”。

在经过了数次欧洲巡演之后,Kadinja终于在2016年年底开始录制首张专辑,并由乐队吉他手Pierre Danel联袂好友乐队Novelists鼓手Amael Durand共同担当专辑制作人。2017年2月,Kadinja首张录音室全长专辑《Ascendancy》在法国独立名厂Klonosphere旗下正式发表。大热单曲《GLHF》力邀英国著名吉他手Rick Graham前来客串,获得了空前的成功。之后他们更是一发不可收拾,与ANIMAL AS LEADERS、DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT、BETRAYING THE MARTYRS、THE ALGORITHM等多支名团一起巡演。

2018年9月,Kadinja正式签约在重型名厂Nuclear Blast/Arising Empire旗下,并开始潜心录制第二张专辑。10月,新单曲《Empire》正式发表,更具有融合性的前卫金属核曲风,让我们看到了Kadinja更大的野心。第二张专辑被命名为《Super 90》,将于1月18日正式发表。

2019年2月,Kadinja将应火锅音乐的邀请,携全新专辑《Super 90》正式造访中国,让我们一起在现场共同膜拜法国前卫金属核神团。


Formed in Paris, France in 2013, KADINJA explore a mix of progressive metal, djent & technical prog topped off with catchy hooks, virtuoso fretboard runs and violent low-end grooves. 

After their first recorded EP Eponymous (2013) and their first steps as a live band, the group began working on their first full length musical effort. Further developing their style to refine their technical prog identity, the band released their first album Ascendancy in February 2017 via Klonosphere/Season of Mist. The debut album went on to be praised by fans and media alike as the breath of fresh air that complex metal needed, and quickly exposed the quintet to a variety of show & tour opportunities. Sharing stages across Europe with acts like ANIMAL AS LEADERS, DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, ADAGIO, KLONE, BETRAYING THE MARTYRS, THE ALGORITHM and many more, motivated the band to jump straight back into flexing their creative muscles and subsequently led to them immediately composing new music.

Merely one year after the release of their debut album, in the spring of 2018, it was time for the band to re-enter the studio and record the already written second album to show the world KADINJA's latest musical endeavours.

After a long yet passionate process the band’s sophomore Album was finally born and was named Super90. 

“It’s called Super90 and for us it’s our way to celebrate an era we miss a lot – the 90’s. We miss the way how songs were done back then, we miss the sound and basically all the things we had when we were younger - especially music, movies and video games.” – the band explains. 

The first single ‘Empire‘ from their eagerly awaited follow up album will be released in October 2018.

With a stronger focus on conceptualism, an inescapable rock sensibility, and another step up in regards to technicality these promising young musicians have crafted a musically ambitious journey that you will soon be able to experience for yourself.

“We tried to make the record sound more rock, more organic and emotional than Ascendency to bring back a part of the 90’s vibes we were missing” – KADINJA states.

The album contains eleven powerful songs which were produced by Chris Edrich (LEPROUS, THE OCEAN, MYRATH)and Pierre Danel, mixed by Chris Edrich and fully mastered by Pierrick Noel (KLONE, THE MOON DRIVERS).

The record also features guest appearances from THE DALI THUNDERING CONCEPT’s Sylvain Conner on the track ‘Muted Rain’ as well as Raphael Weinroth-Browne (THE VISIT, MUSK OX, KAMANCELLOON) on the track ‘Véronique’ and Tola on ‘Avec Tout Mon Amour’.

The cover artwork for Super90 was made by Leo Natale and doesn’t need any explanation. “This album is clearly a mix of what we loved back in the days and what we have now.” – Philippe Charny says. 

By Joining the Arising Empire family in September 2018 KADINJA are set to hit a larger audience with the release of the upcoming album in Early 2019.